His squinty eyes makes my heart go pitter patter
not my picture tho

i’m not even particularly sorry for making this x

I cry every time luke does like leg thing I cry I’m sorry
not my photo

[HQS] 5 Seconds of Summer arrive at JFK airport in NYC - July 22nd, 2014 

Anonymous: What kind of girls do they all go for?


This is completely my opinion, with some things based on interviews and observations, bc I don’t have access to the boy’s brains! I REPEAT, MY OPINION.

Luke: He would like a girl who is shy, but completely comfortable in her own skin. She’d have to have similar music tastes with him. His girl would need to be creative, in any form. He needs a girl that really cares about him, and doesn’t use him for his fame or money. His dates would vary, so the girl would have to be up to surprises and also be okay with lazy nights at home. She’d have to be okay with his fame, and feel comfortable with talking to fans. He doesn’t prefer any specific body type, & would probably date someone younger then he is so he can “protect her”.

Michael: He would want a confident girl, who could brush off hate & doesn’t care what people think of her. I think her style would be unique and different from what the trend is. She would have to like lazy nights at home together, eating take out or pizza. Just an overall confident girl who isn’t afraid to be herself. Also he likes any body type, and would probably date someone around the same age as him.

Calum: He needs a girl who is the female version of himself. Funny, adorable, yet hot at the same time. She would have to be cool with keeping their relationship on the down low & also up to dressing up for a nice dinner date. He’d probably date someone younger or older than him, and she’d have to have a nice booty since Calum’s is so nice.

Ashton: He would like an outgoing girl, who is up to do anything, any time of the day. She would have to be great around people, especially Ashton’s family. His girl would have to love being outside and would enjoy going on spontaneous adventures. He’d want someone who would cuddle with him late at night under the stars and they’d lose track of time while talking about anything and everything and next thing they know, the sun is rising. He likes curves, and would probably date someone a year younger, his age, or older.


5 Seconds of Summer arrive at JFK airport in NYC - July 22nd, 2014